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Our Services

Cunning Services to Meet Your Educational Needs

Professional Development

Whether you are looking for a one-time presentation or ongoing support for your educational initiatives, VulpinED can provide your team with personalized professional development to meet your organization's goals. While we specialize in educational technology integration, blended learning, game-based learning, and increasing the success of disadvantaged students, we are happy to provide professional development services on a broad range of educational issues. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation for your professional development needs.

Social Media & Online Presence

You are doing great work in education, but you don't want the hassle of managing the online presence of your school, organization or event. From social media to web pages to blog posts, VulpinED can provide your educational initiatives with the online presence they deserve while you focus on what you do best, providing outstanding educational services. Contact our clients to learn about the effectiveness of our work or just contact us to get started promoting your work online.

Special Projects

We have a lot of things up our sleeves at VulpinED, and part of being cunning is knowing that there is a right time for everything. From #edtech tutorials to student-centered learning initiatives, you can expect to find innovative and exciting projects appearing in this space in the future. If you are interested in innovation in education and educational technology, you will just have to stay patient keep your eye on this space to see what is next. Don't worry. We will make it worth the wait.